MIgraine Medications

Migraine Medications

While in the past, a number of medications have been repurposed as migraine medications from anti-epileptics, and high blood pressure medications to antidepressants, there are now new classes of medications designed for headaches: anti-CGRPs which block a protein in your body that can cause headaches.

Ask any migraine sufferer: there are an infinite number of migraine medications, both over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription. Generally most medications require a prescription, but this is not always the case.

Perhaps more importantly, migraine medications fall into three general categories:

1. Preventative – taken on a regular basis to reduce migraine frequency, duration and/or intensity
2. Abortive – taken during the aura or early phase of a migraine, to attempt to prevent it from snowballing into a full-blown migraine
3. Rescue – taken anytime during an active migraine to reduce the symptoms.

All preventative and abortive medications, and most rescue medications, require a prescription. OTC medications generally fall into the rescue category, as they tend to be relieve the pain experienced during an active migraine.

Although focused exclusively on interventional, non-medication migraine treatments, , we always employ a comprehensive approach to treat migraines with Botox. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to help patients address migraine symptoms in a more effective and more permanent way. After an in-depth patient consultation, we will offer personalized migraine treatment recommendations.

What Migraine Medications Are Over The Counter?

Common OTC migraine medications include medications that are commonly used for traditional headache or mild pain, including:

The effectiveness of these OTC medications varies from person to person. This means OTC medications that work well for one migraine patient may fail to deliver the same results for another. We strive to help patients eliminate debilitating migraines and improve their quality of life, so they require less medications to manage their migraines.  As part of our commitment to our patients, we are always happy to teach patients about our long-term migraine treatment options that have been shown to deliver safe, effective results.

What Medications are Available for Preventing Migraines?

Common preventative migraine medications include:


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